Reflexology is an ancient method of natural healing known thousands of years ago by the Chinese, Indian and the Egyptian civilisations. It was rediscovered in the last century by an American surgeon, Dr. William Fitzgerald and developed further by Eunice Ingham. It is now a hugely popular, pleasant and effective means of re-establishing good health.

Gentle pressure is applied to reflex points on the feet, the chart below shows how they correspond to all the organs and parts of the body. Whilst working on these reflexes areas, imbalances can be detected and by treating these areas, tensions are eased, circulation and elimination of toxins are improved; this gentle therapy encourages the body to heal at its own pace, bringing back balance and consequently better health.

Reflexology is a deeply relaxing therapy and once good health is re-established, my clients found it an excellent preventative.

Some of the conditions that clients presente with include:-

  • anxiety
  • back problems
  • sciatica
  • migraines
  • sinusitis
  • asthma
  • arthritis
  • cystitis
  • menstrual & menopausal problems
  • problems conceiving
  • digestive disorders such as constipation and IBS
  • insomnia
  • fatigue
  • low energy
  • panic attacks and many other stress related disorders

“I originally came to see Linda because of problems with the menopause, mainly hot flushes, but also tiredness, sleeping problems, mood swings, joint pains and feeling generally unwell. The sessions I have had with Linda have really helped the hot flushes and other hormonal issues. She tested me for food intolerances and coming off those foods for a while along with the treatments have really boosted my energy levels and helped me move more freely. My life has most certainly improved and I would recommend Linda to anyone with these sorts of problems.”


There are simple reflexology techniques in Five Minute Fast Fixes that are easy to use on yourself:

Reflexology Chart


Research into reflexology backs up what I have seen with clients

One study on PMS, which can be a huge problem for some women, demonstrated that there was a “significant decrease in PMS symptoms” in the women who had reflexology.

The menopause can be very debilitating for a lot of women but the good news is that reflexology can help enormously! I have seen so many clients get relief from hot flushes, sleep better and even lose weight.

Another less well known symptom is anxiety and I have seen a lot of clients who have found their anxiety levels have massively decreased after reflexology. It’s nice to know that scientific research backs this up:

A trial of reflexology on menopausal women showed a 50% decrease in anxiety. Great news!

A fascinating study measured the blood flow to the kidney. It showed an immediate increase of renal blood flow during reflexology massage on the kidney reflex point!

Reflexology is just brilliant!