Linda Hoyland Vitality Specialist LMAR AKFRP

Expert help for your health needs

As a health practitioner for over 30 years, I have used a combination of my unique skills and experience to help many many clients presenting with conditions such as:

headaches, migraines, sinuses, back pain, joint pains, allergies, hay fever, skin conditions, digestive problems, CFS, insomnia, PMS, menopausal symptoms, energy levels, anxiety, to name just a few. Clients have reported their problems clear up, they feel much better in themselves, feel positive and motivated, have lots more energy and sleep better.

Please note I am no longer seeing clients.

However my book ‘Five Minute Fast Fixes’ means you can still access my 30 years of expertise and knowledge to improve not only your own health and wellbeing, but your family’s too!


Five Minute Fast Fixes!

We all have busy lives and with little time to spare, looking after our health often comes way down the list.

Taken from my 30 years’ experience in the complementary health field, it’s a collection of all the self-help techniques I have given to clients to use themselves at home. Many of them take less than 5 minutes, so you can easily fit them in during your day.

Over 95% of the world’s population has health problems and over a third has more than 5 ailments!

Yet there is an abundance of information and advice available to improve our health, as well as an array of complementary therapies that an increasing number of people find extremely beneficial. However, having a course of treatments or following a particular regime takes time. For many of us with busy lives, there is very little of that spare.

That is where this book will help – you only need a few minutes a day!

Is this you?

Do you sometimes get headaches, feel bloated, have aches and pains, (frozen shoulder or sciatica)?

Do you worry about having “brain fog”, IBS, not sleeping well or feeling tired all the time?


Do you suffer from PMS, hot flushes, cystitis, irritable bladder or frequent colds and sore throats?


Would you like to be able to address all those little health niggles?


Do you take care of others before looking after yourself?


“Yes, but I never get chance to do anything about it” I can hear you say


Incorporating these techniques and exercises into your daily routine will only take up a small part of your day. These new habits will help your health now and in the future.

If you would like to have energy, tolerance, health and wellbeing, then these Five Minute Fast Fixes are for you!

Here is an example of how easy it is to begin your health and wellness journey:

Back pain causes more ill health than any other condition! Lower back pain can affect us at any time, posture, lack of exercise, injury or trauma, even carrying something on one side continually, can all play a part in contributing to problems in this area.

These points help increase the lymphatic drainage of the muscles in the lower back, increasing circulation and removal of toxins, allowing tense muscles to relax. For lower back pain and sciatica, this is quick, simple and very effective:

*Firmly massage all the areas that are shaded on the chart

Repeat as often as you like during the day.


Five Minute Fast Fixes gives you many more quick and easy ways

to help you improve other health issues, such as:

Sinus problems
Neck problems
Eye strain

Stress and anxiety

Back pain
Frozen shoulder
Menstrual pain

Hot flushes
Brain fog
Tired all the time

For more quick and easy ways to improve your health

and increase your energy, motivation and wellbeing:

Get Five Minute Fast Fixes  £9.99  or Kindle £3.99

Here’s what people have to say:

Very well explained in a comprehensive and engaging way, this book is a really useful practical guide to people from all walks of life and ages, in this modern busy world.

Dr Michaela Davis

This book is a gem! Natural Healthcare Practitioners like to encourage clients to do ‘homework’ between sessions and Linda has distilled in her book many simple, effective self-help techniques that she has used successfully over the years. I shall definitely be using some of them myself and giving copies to my own clients.

Terry Larder, Classical Kinesiology Institute

A book with so much knowledge written in such an understandable way, is magic. Being able to relate to the information and follow straight forward guidance is so welcome and much needed. Five Minute Fast Fixes is a ‘must have’ book to help with the stress and strains of today’s living.

Maureen Foers OBE