Kinesiology is a truly holistic therapy – a powerful and effective way to achieve health and vitality, combining the principles of traditional oriental medicine with western understanding of body structure. Kinesiology treats the whole person – mind, body, energy and biochemistry – not just parts.

Various muscles are gently tested to find imbalances which undermine our optimum health. Checking muscle response gives instant biofeedback from your body, helping to identify the underlying causes and also the solutions to many health problems.

Unlike a lot of other therapies kinesiology is fairly recent. It came about in the 1970’s when a forward thinking chiropractor explored the connection between the muscles, organs and their related meridians. He realised that by helping the muscles in the body, the corrections he used would also increase the blood and lymph flow to the related organs, so they would get more nutrients, release toxins and hence function much more efficiently.

As he and other early pioneers explored further, they used muscle response testing to detect problems in the body and also how the body would prefer these problems to be corrected. Mind blowing? Yes it certainly is!

For example, let’s take headaches which are a fairly common problem these days. For one person it might be sitting at a desk hunched over a computer causing their headaches. For another, it could be stress at work or at home playing a part, for another it may be food intolerances and for someone else it may be their energy fields are out of balance. Using kinesiology we can treat each person for their own individual requirements, so although these people all have the same problem their treatments will be quite different.

Kinesiology uses a wide range of corrections, structural points on the body, acupressure points, nutrition, emotional releases, affirmations, flower essences, aromatherapy oils, meridian flows, chakras and many more depending on what the body chooses. There are techniques to help with unwanted belief systems and behaviour patterns too. As it encompasses many other therapies, it is truly amazing.

One particular technique I find really useful which changes people’s lives pretty quickly, works really well for food intolerances and hay fever. These arise from the body’s immune system over reacting to substances that other people have no problem with. This technique helps the body change its response so that it no longer fights off the previously offending food or pollen and of course this can make a huge difference to people’s health and quality of life.

Life today is much faster and full on than it used to be even 20 years ago, let alone 100.  Did you know there is more information in the daily newspaper than medieval man would have absorbed in a lifetime! Stress can be good for us, but in our modern world it seems we can be under stress constantly which can have an impact on our health. Kinesiology makes a positive difference to our health.

Kinesiology is a modern day therapy for a modern day world!

Because is it so versatile, I have treated many clients presenting with:

  • digestive problems, IBS, colitis, gastric reflux
  • back and neck problems
  • sciatica
  • joint problems – arthritis
  • low immune system
  • physical pain
  • sports injuries and sprains to muscles
  • emotional stress – anxiety, fears, phobias
  • fatigue, CFS, ME
  • allergies and candida
  • insomnia
  • hay fever, allergies
  • problems conceiving
  • dyslexia and learning difficulties
  • individual nutritional needs
  • low energy and vitality
  • hormonal problems, PMS, menopause
  • prevention of illness
  • aiming to achieve life goals

Clients have felt much calmer, more in control, be able to perform more effectively, feel really well, have more energy and vitality, sleep better and most importantly, got their life back.

“Linda is amazing.  She completely cured my Hayfever.  I have suffered badly for 20 years and dreaded the summer months.  I never thought it was possible to be sneeze free.  I can now open the car windows, walk in fields of rape, cut the grass and sit outside at family BBQ’s without constantly sneezing and blowing my nose.  I have my life back again. Linda’s approach to treatment is holistic and very caring.  Her many therapeutic skills and experience shows.  She used a combination of allergy testing, kinesiology and reflexology to cure me.  I would highly recommend Linda to anyone who is willing to try complementary therapy.”

Danielle Leak

When Linda made the bold claim that she could cure my 25+ year allergy to dogs in a single treatment I was extremely skeptical, but intrigued enough to book a treatment, even though I didn’t ask what the treatment consisted of!
Luckily the treatment didn’t involve needles, drugs or anything nasty. All I had to do was lay on a bed while Linda performed a treatment called Kinesiology, something I had never heard of before.
So did it work? 100% yes. The next day I went to a friend’s house as she has two Labradors. I played with the dogs for two hours, even letting them play bite me. I had no reaction at all to the dogs. Prior to the Kinesiology I could not have been in the same room as the dogs for any more than 15 minutes, and even then I would have had the start of a reaction.
I am so pleased with Linda’s treatment and whole heartily recommend her services. I am sending my son and his girlfriend next to cure their hay fever.


Kinesiology Muscle Testing

You too can gain access to many of the techniques I have used successfully with clients!