High Touch Acupressure (Jin Shin)

This powerful therapy uses light touch on various acupressure points on the body to release blockages in energy pathways and bring about deep healing and relaxation. It has the ability to heal deeply at the root cause of problems – healing emotional scars that have been causing physical symptoms. I have seen it bring about remarkable health benefits. This therapy is also great for self help so I often gave clients “homework” to do for just a few minutes every day, the treatment continued to benefit them until their next session.

One thing that’s certain in life is change, sometimes we actively seek it and want it, other times it can be very unwelcome.

High Touch Acupressure (Jin Shin) is one of the tools I use to help myself and clients with all stages in life. It works on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to support us through life’s journey. There are 26 points each having its own meaning and function.

The first point, number 1, is to help support us with change and to be open minded in new ventures and taking steps forward in life. New job, college, new relationship, maybe moving on emotionally, as well as opening up and developing our spiritual side. Fittingly it is located on the inside of the knee – the part we move first when physically taking a step forward.

Obviously when we are contemplating big moves of any kind, fear, apprehension, anxiety often accompany this. The number 5 point helps us deal with that fear and reduce the anxiety. This point is situated on the inner anklebone (there is a hollow there). Holding (gentle touch) these 2 points together (on the same leg) allows us to move forward with confidence and positive expectation.

You can do both sides, or if it is moving forward in the present, then hold the points on the right knee and ankle. If it is moving out of something from the past then the left side helps with that.

Happy moving forward!


High Touch Acupressure
High Touch Acupressure

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