How are you at this very strange time?

Are you a key worker or isolated at home and worried about your and your family’s health?

Are you finding it difficult to stay positive?

Do you need a bit of a boost physically or emotionally?

There will be lots of things we all put off doing when we are usually busy with work. So where do we start when we are out of our normal routine. The motivation and focus we have when at work can just disappear when we have more time available.

If some of this resonates with you

If you have often thought about making an appointment to help your health and wellbeing

If you just haven’t had the time to fit it in before now

Then help is at hand and in the comfort of your own home!

I am now offering Distance Healing Sessions. After an initial chat, all you have to do is relax quietly whilst bring receptive and I’ll do the work for you.

As always during a session, your body makes the energy changes there and then, the physiological changes in the body take place over the next few days, so you will notice a change pretty much straightaway, as you do during a normal “hands on” session.

If you have been to me before, you’ll appreciate that the skills and experience I offer will help your health and wellbeing. If you’ve not been before, then you have a very beneficial experience waiting for you 😊

Do get in touch If you’d like to know more:      07861 251863