Say No to Pain – Pain Relief Workshop

Say No to Pain!
Pain relief workshop, Saturday 28th May, Beverley Golf Club
Do you know someone who has pain in their life and would like to get rid of it?
Knee problems
Frozen shoulder
Neck problems

These are all very common today unfortunately.
Did you know that there are many ways you can help yourself to reduce and even get rid of those aches and pains?Pain is a huge stress on our bodies, it can make our life miserable, affecting our moods, making us irritable, tired and can drag us down.
Pain can be caused by injury, trauma, or poor posture, these can cause structural imbalances that put strains on the body. Food or chemical intolerances may also be causal factors. A build-up of toxins due to poor elimination can contribute too. There is often an emotional element to pain.
Pain is made worse by lack of sleep, emotional stresses and perception of pain, these can all have an effect on pain.
By using methods to reduce pain, sleep is better, cellular and tissue repair is better, anxiety is less, you have more energy and feel much better in yourself.
This workshop teaches you how to use simple and effective techniques for yourself that will measurably reduce chronic pain.

Click here to find out more about how you can learn how to use a simple, quick, easy and effective protocol that will help you
reduce and often eliminate pain and associated problems.
Saturday 28th May, Beverley Golf Club 9.30am – 12pm
refreshments included & easy parking.