Do you suffer from headaches, migraines, PMS, irritability, hot flushes, IBS, flatulence or constipation?
This could be a sign of liver overload and poor detoxification

The liver has over 400 known functions in the body, as well as distributing nutrients around the body, it plays a key role in most metabolic processes, especially detoxification. It neutralises a wide range of toxins and helps dispose of unwanted hormones to name but a few.

Given our culture today of many more unhealthy foods, the body has to work so much harder to dispose of the unwanted by products from these (in part contributing to the food intolerances that may develop when the body is under stress).
Environmental toxins have increased over the years, the air, our water, chemicals sprayed onto fruit and veg, hormones and antibiotics in meat, all add up to a toxic overload for the liver to dispose of.
There are 2 phases to liver detoxification, the first involves the liver filtering out impurities in the blood – blood from the intestines contains high levels of toxic material, so having the liver fully functioning means that these are removed before they can get to other organs.
The second phase involves bile and fibre in the gut to help absorb the toxins and allow them to be flushed out. Hence why a high fibre diet is important.

Toxins remaining in the body interfere with its metabolism – remember what a hangover feels like?
So a healthy liver and healthy gut are both necessary to keep the body healthy.

Things you can do to help yourself: eat plenty of fruit & vegetables especially brassicas and wholegrain foods. Supplements that will help include probiotics and milk thistle is a herb that supports the liver. Vitamin C and the B vitamins, magnesium and zinc are all involved in the metabolic pathways for detoxification.

If you would like more help, a kinesiology treatment can pinpoint where to start, which foods may be causing problems, the supplements your body needs, as well as treating the whole body to give it back its health & vitality!