Jin Shin works with 26 bilateral energy release points. These act like circuit breakers during a treatment to open the body’s energy flow by gently touching and holding certain points, using the fingertips. I stay on the bilateral energy release points until I feel a pulse on both sides. When the points are open the energy flows freely. When the points are blocked, the energy flow stops or slows down.  A blockage in the flow of energy results in an energy imbalance and can lead to discomfort on a physical or emotional level.

There is a lot of shifting going on at the moment universally and astrologically and it can leave a lot of us feeling really out of sorts and pushed out of alignment. If this happens to you, then you can use Jin Shin acupressure and in particular, the diagonal mediator, to get yourself back into the flow. This can help when we are making shifts in our own vibration too.

The diagonal mediator is great for when you’re feeling off centre, out of sorts, bumping into things, or need a change of attitude.

Put left thumb pad onto left ring finger nail making a circle.

Place right hand over left shoulder and bring knees together so the inner sides touch.

After a few minutes swap hands and repeat.