Is your body protesting?

It’s well into January and I’ve been getting lots of inquiries about food intolerance testing.

People get through the stress surrounding Christmas, then over indulge over that period whilst probably doing less activity than usual, so not surprisingly their body starts to protest!

There may have been warning signs before but not causing big enough problems to take action until the extra stresses are the last straw.

What health problems are associated with intolerances?

Health problems that can be associated with intolerances include digestive disorders, IBS, migraines, eczema and other skin problems, joint pain, sinusitis, hay fever and many more.

However food intolerances are not usually a cause of these problems on their own, but a sign that the body is in overload. There is usually something underlying which is putting the body out of balance. It may be candida problems or “bad” bacteria in the gut, or the liver could be overwhelmed and just not processing stuff very efficiently.

Why can’t I work out which foods myself?

Clients often suspect certain foods may be the problem but find that they don’t always have a reaction after eating it. This is because your tolerance levels can increase or decrease depending on different factors. These can be time of day, how well you’re feeling, how well your day has gone and also the amount of the food you have eaten.

Let’s take wheat for example. It may be that if you have toast for breakfast after a good night’s sleep, you feel ok after, no bloating, no tiredness, no runny nose etc. If you then have a sandwich for lunch your body may protest a bit, if you then have pasta for tea and it’s been a stressy day, then you may get all your symptoms afterwards. Yet another day you have pasta for tea after a day that has gone really well and notice very little in the way of symptoms. So it can be hard to figure out if it is a wheat intolerance or not.

Kinesiology can help!

This is where kinesiology comes into its own. Kinesiology, uses muscle response testing to find those food intolerances and also the underlying issues associated with them.

If a client just has a list of foods that they are intolerant to, without rebalancing the body as well, the underlying problems haven’t been resolved so it is much harder for the body to get itself well again.

And because these problems have occurred over time, the body can only do so much after each treatment to change its “bad habits”. Each treatment builds on the last so that the improvements last longer and the body learns how to be well again.

Kinesiology is a fantastic way of using lots of different techniques to help the body get healthy again!

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