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Facial Vitality 


Anti-aging facials to turn back time!

Using a unique combination of facial massage techniques derived from kinesiology principles to enhance the definition of the underlying facial muscles and ultra premium, pure, safe and beneficial products from the extensive Arbonne range, this programme will help your skin:

• become more nourished and release impurities
• increase collagen and elastin production
• become more refined and less blotchy
• reduce puffiness and increase firmness
• increase muscle definition and tone
• reduce fine lines and wrinkles
• have a more radiant and youthful look


Facial Massage

People are becoming much more aware of not only what they put onto their bodies but also what they put onto them. The skin is a huge organ which allows absorption of products into the bloodstream pretty quickly, so we want to be sure that what we put onto it is going to be beneficial to us. Arbonne products merge the cutting edge science of skincare with botanically based efficacy – the best of both worlds.

People are also are now turning away from invasive treatments and seeking out more natural ways of looking their best whatever their age. So I have formulated and introduced the Facial Vitality Programme. This uses kinesiology techniques that work well to bring the body back into health and balance, so we can now do the same for our faces. These techniques not only work in conjunction with the Arbonne skincare range to provide nourishment to the skin and reduce inflammation and toxicity, but work directly on the muscles which give our face it’s structure and tonality.

There are over 100 muscles in the face, allowing us to move our mouth, eyes, jaw, so we can eat, speak, see, smile, frown. Often the only exercise these muscles get is when we frown, peer at the computer screen, get tense and clench our jaw. All these repetitive movements lead to wrinkles and fine lines.

We go to the gym to give our muscles a work out and get them into shape, so why not do the same for our face? Nature has given us the underlying structure so specific massage techniques can help increase the tone of those muscles, so our face looks more toned and defined, giving us a more youthful and radiant look.

The facials also use facial acupressure points which are well known in Chinese Medicine to have beneficial effects – you can tell that from their names eg “Facial Beauty” & “Heavenly Appearance”.

Deep massage on the face also helps smooth fine lines and promote collagen production, the lighter massage helps stimulate the lymphatic drainage to remove build up of toxins. The products reach deep into the layers of the skin, helping to remove old cells that clog pores and skin which give it a dull aged look and promote production of new cells, giving radiance to the skin.

The Facial Vitality Programme will help give your face more definition, helping lift the muscles and reduce facial lines, giving you a more youthful radiant look.

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