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Heath & Vitality

Food intolerances & nutritional help

Facial Vitality Programme

Whether it's stress, health or weight issues, let me help you to regain your health & vitality. I use a combination of my unique skills and experience as a therapist for over 25 years to tailor a bespoke treatment plan for your own individual needs. I have seen very many clients presenting with many various conditions: headaches, migraines, back pain, joint pains, IBS, digestive problems, CFS, insomnia, hormonal disturbances, anxiety, skin conditions to name just a few and there are many more, stress related problems.

Clients report their problems clear up, they feel much better in themselves, feel positive and motivated, have lots more energy and sleep better.

Call or email me to discover how a programme can help you!

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Image Consultant - Look Good & Feel Great

Colour Analysis

Women's Style 

Wardrobe Magic

Personal Shopping

Parties & Events


Make your first impression, the best impression! People form opinions of us based on the way we look - our appearance and body language accounts for over 90% of the message we send out. What we wear, how we wear it and how comfortable we feel in our clothes affects our image.  Our appearance matters and when you know you look good you feel great!

An image consultation can help you look good & feel great!

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"Linda is amazing.  She completely cured my Hayfever.  I have suffered badly for 20 years and dreaded the summer months.  I never thought it was possible to be sneeze free.  I can now open the car windows, walk in fields of rape, cut the grass and sit outside at family BBQ's without constantly sneezing and blowing my nose.  I have my life back again. Linda's approach to treatment is holistic and very caring.  Her many therapeutic skills and experience shows.  She used a combination of allergy testing, kinesiology and reflexology to cure me.  I would highly recommend Linda to anyone who is willing to try complementary therapy."

Danielle Leak



I originally came to see Linda because of problems with the menopause, mainly hot flushes, but also tiredness, sleeping problems, mood swings, joint pains and feeling generally unwell. The sessions I have had with Linda have really helped the hot flushes and other hormonal issues. She tested me for food intolerances and coming off those foods for a while along with the treatments have really boosted my energy levels and helped me move more freely. My life has most certainly improved and I would recommend Linda to anyone with these sorts of problems. 


I am now free of the debilitation of regular migraines that I used to get before seeing Linda. I also had IBS, hormonal and joint problems which she has helped me with. Reflexology gives me a general feeling of well being and I would recommend Linda to anyone with migraines.



When I came to see Linda I had a few problems one was over acidity in the stomach which has now gone and I no longer take medication for this. I also had post irradiation inflammation in the chest wall which was causing pain and is now much better. The stress and sleepless nights have gone, I feel more relaxed and able to sleep as well as general well being. I turned to alternative therapies because drugs/medication have side effects that can be as bad as the condition you take them for. It works for me!


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